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This happened a few years ago, when I live with my girlfriend in her parents' house. Jo was a few years younger than me, who just turned 19, when we meet. It is a size 8, tall, long legs, long brown hair, green eyes, beautiful. She was a shy, virginal girl when we met, but then we started sleeping together, is a sleeping monster in it and hunt8 woke hunt8 up in a couple of weeks he was asking for dirty sex. We were there every minute, very naked at every opportunity. In the evening I came home hunt8 from work early, so Jo had not come home. Ian was also his father, but his car was on the disc mothers. I went in and said hello, but heard nothing back, so I thought that Jane was in the backyard. hunt8 I went to the bathroom and there she was, lying in the bathtub with a giant dildo in pussy. I was speechless. It was impressive, tall and thin, like Jo, I would love to be known for centuries, but the rest went to see a mind-boggling. Her titss great! However, not fallen, they were bold and perfectly pink nipples hard and made him hunt8 offside. And her pussy was clean shaven, Jo had tried to speak for months. I have an excuse to leave her maimed, and started again from the bathroom, very slowly, never out of sight of her pussy, stop hitting the dildo in and out of it. She told me to come and asked me hunt8 what I wanted... I was nervous, I had to pee, that's what happened there in the first place. She told me to do it, and sat in the bathroom and saw that I pulled my cock from my pants, which was already half hard, but I calmed down enough so I could pee. His eyes never left my cock, she saw the beam of urine out of hunt8 me told me after reaching it. She leaned over the edge of the tub and took my cock in her mouth the taste of my urine, and began to suck. My semi -hard very quickly hunt8 in a furious on, and put my balls in her shavedHand while taking more and more of my cock into her mouth. I've never been deeper before throat... my dick is not huge, but had never been with someone as good as this is Jane. His tongue seemed to be able to wrap my tree to the tip of my cock disappeared into her throat. I could not believe my luck, but my confidence back, so I reached down and pinched her nipples, then moved his hand over her flat stomach and tickled her clitoris gently. It was enormously swollen, hard rock and inescapable ! Jane continues to pump dildo in and out, harder and harder to suck my dick. I knew it would not last too long if this continues, I did not want this to end, so I pulled my hips, in the fight against the release of sucking my cock from her mouth and pulled my clothes faster than I did, and got into the tub with Jane. After fumbling a bit silly and floating in a decent position to take, Jane had placed in me, with my hard hunt8 throbbing cockagainst her pussy and tits in my face. She sank slowly to me, and I felt the muscles of her vagina grip me and pull my dick growing on it. She was incredibly tight and wet well. Her pert nipples were very hard in my mouth, wrinkles, and my tongue was on him, groaning unpleasant Jane 's lips. I rode as if it were not for a long time that I knew was not true, as Jo and I had heard more than they have sex only fucked yesterday! Facilitates the tits out of my mouth and stuck his tongue when I hunt8 felt her pussy spasm increased, and she screamed in his mouth as he approached. That could take more than it was and I told him to shoot, hoping to get up, but the pace of shit built me harder when her orgasm and flooded. We stood together in the tub for a few minutes, but Jane was not clear finish. He stood up and let our collective juices drip on my chest, then ctips on the bathroom floor hunt8 and bent down to lick clean. swept the floor and stepped on her pussy makes him cum again on my face as my tongue caressed her clit and three fingers probe in to caress her G-spot So about the time the third arrived, we heard the door open. I did not know if my friend or her husband, who had come home. We dressed and left a bathroom at a time... It turned out to Jo who came to the house, but had no problems, had no idea what was going on. That night, while I was naked with my beautiful girlfriend was lying on my chest, we listened to their parents to go back through the wall and get excited over the nymphomaniac 19-year- old in bed with me . Jo took him in the ass for the first time that night, but angry when I asked if they had ever fuck a girl for me... and I have not even mentioned that there was a woman in mind for them.
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Mercredi 16 mai 2012 3 16 /05 /Mai /2012 03:04

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